Mobile Universal Search personalisation

By Paul Morris
Mobile Universal Search is getting better.

It’s still pretty ropy e.g. the above is a screenshot from my Iphone 4S (chrome, iOS 5.1.1 & Google Search for “Research on mobile purchase on desktop”; watch out for my post next week on why I’m conducting this search!) with the results not being super relevant to my search however knowing Google they will get better.

Essentially Google is trying to display relevant apps (amongst other things) in its Universal Search mobile results and these results are clearly different from the desktop SERPS. I absolutely believe this is the way Google should go and in fact they should push on through the learning curve and  launch a GOMO inspired separate Mobile Search algorithm.

Rather than rehash my old mobile algorithm thoughts take a look at my November 2011 post where I foresaw this and speculated on what was next for Mobile SEO…