Digital Omnivore

By Paul Morris
Digital Omnivore. What a cool term for the constant connection we now ‘enjoy’ with Tim Berners-Lee play thing. Yet what a sad state of affairs being constantly connected really is.

The below diagram (Comscore) shows varying patterns of Digital Omnivore usage throughout the day for mobile, tablet and computer.

comscore digital omnivore

Desktop, laptop and mobile usage has been discussed many times hence I’m not going to bother; what I did find interesting was the tablet usage…

Broadly speaking tablets are being used as a hybrid of a laptop and a newspaper early morning (relaxed browsing of news, emails, calendars and the web with little search or purchase intent).

8a.m sees a spike in usage with slightly more search marketing engagement. Usage then really dips as tablets chill out on the sides of peoples desks looking pretty (some are being used for business but with little impact on search and more as an executive play thing for presentations and reports). The trusty steeds reawaken around 4p.m for the commute home being used to digest social media/ fun/ relaxing stuff mostly. They then replace the laptop in the evening with activity peaking around 10p.m.

I wrote a post recently on dual screening and I bet the use of tablets will increase even further in the evening as dual screening and interaction with other media develops.

…And the below graph (Nielsen) shows just how much tablet has been adopted from a dual screening perspective:

nielsen tablet

Looks like Digital omnivore-icity is going to get even more diverse (or is that worse?!).