social seo radar graph

Social SEO Radar Graph

By Paul Morris

I developed the above radar graph to show the interplay between SEO and Social Media.


Search is about ‘searching for stuff’.

Search is social (both in the way we search and its affect on the algorithym).

Social is increasingly being affected by SEO (& vice versa). You need to engage in activity that unites both.

Examples of how integration could work:
  • optimise blogger outreach copy
  • obtain as many positive brand mentions as possible.
  • number, quality and relevance of twitter followers and retweets aids seo
  • optimise You Tube engagement e.g. Video title, views, likes v’s dislikes, etc
  • SEO aids blogger targeting not only from social influence but also for link juice quality
  • syndication of link bait e.g. Infographic’s, guides, top 10 lists, etc
  • partner outreach e.g. Ensure partners are linking to you with targeted anchor text
Note: PPC has not been mentioned however PPC could aid Social Search

e.g. When negative press hits use the ppc results to direct users to a page defending the companies position

Radar Graph Explained

The closer the medium (seo or social media) is to the outer blue line for each initiative (press releases, copy creation, etc) the better. Effective social seo should equal the outer blue line as in combining seo and social media you amplify / halo effect their effectiveness.