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Newspaper SEO advertorials are dead… Long Live Link Bait

By Paul Morris
Note: This article presumes you have an advanced knowledge of SEO

As reported on Friday by sites such as Search Engine Land and David Naylor Newspaper advertorials have taken a hit; links from Newspaper Group sites such as Trinity Mirror and Johnston Press are now risky and/or pretty much worthless (as a means of passing PR + as many links will be no-followed going forward; they are still useful for things such as Brand promotion though). As a result not only have the Newspaper sites PR been hit but also you could receive a WMT warning and ultimate Google SERP penalty if you have been partaking in this type of link acquisition.

As I documented in my SEO advertorials article from a month ago I thought Google must know about the practice and that the links might be receiving at least a slight link juice demotion however I’m not going to pretend to have foreseen the past week’s fall out.

Sites who have engaged in the practice now not only need to clean up their back link profile (perhaps utilising the disavow tool) and stop buying this type of link but they also need to accelerate advanced link bait adoption.

I will not labour the point as I have mentioned it many times before (search this blog for “big data”, “link bait”, “infographics”, “gamification” , “widget”, “social seo radar graph”, etc) however now is the time to wholeheartedly implement advanced link bait initiatives.