Searchmuse v2

By Paul Morris
I’ve been quiet of late and just though I’d let you know why.

I’m busy.

…Specifically in relation to searchmuse I have been cooking up a new site with a trusted design/ techy friend and the new site will see the light of day in a couple of weeks.

Above is a screenshot of the wordpress theme I’ve (well he is doing all the work and I’m tagging along for the ride) picked.

Why the change you ask?

  • The site needs sprucing up e.g. buttons that when you hover over them they change colour and you go ‘ooooooo fancy’ 
  • I’m sick to death of people telling me I do not have a Responsive/ mobile friendly site so am doing something about it. Mobile’s the future apparently. 
  • I’m doubly sick to death of talking about SEO in my day job yet the SEO on my site is distinctly average. Yes I could fix a couple of the issues with some coding amends however most are linked with the Squarespace platform and it’s time I cut Squarespace adrift and moved to a friendlier platform (though I’m sure more hacking defences abound)