Poor SERP Structure

By Paul Morris
shed search

Google needs to sort out its results!

Whilst its Quality Score algorithym is a thing of beauty some of its SERPS (search engine result pages) have a face like a bag of spanners!

In the above example some have ratings, some do not, some have product extension data feeds, some have images, some do not, ‘standard’ call to action messages are not standard (‘show products from Tesco.com’ Vs ‘show products from this advertiser’)… the list goes on.

Now i understand that Google offers these opportunities dependent on position, quality score, relevance, etc and this clearly differs per advertiser, I have not given the best example to judge them by (a generic head term) and in addition Google is constantly engaging in tests that clearly ‘jolt’ the results however i still think they need to employ more design/ usability consultants to make their PPC ads a thing of beauty once more!