Progressive personalisation and reciprocity

By Paul Morris
Image: courtesy of the Home Group

I was in a meeting recently and the term ‘progressive personalisation’ was used in regards to a digital proposition we are putting together. And it just reminded me as to the genius of the ethos.

Whilst not suitable for all sectors/ propositions progressive personalisation is a great data collection mantra to live by.

Essentially we need to personalise progressively and ask for more information after you have developed more of a relationship with the user.

Then once collected just make sure you do something with the data; both for your own evil deeds (cross sell, up sell, etc) but also to make the surfing (old skool) experience unique to that individual

…Just ensure you keep thinking of reciprocity throughout the above journey. i.e. ‘volunteer some of your data and we will reward you for it’.

Finally, unless you are Google or Amazon, require login at the last possible moment in your relationship.

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