sascon conference

Sascon 2012 to the power of 3 X 6

By Paul Morris
I attended SASCON (Search, Analytics and Social Media Conference) on Friday and wanted to share some of my learning’s from the event. I waffled about tools in last year’s SASCON update; this year I’m going to pick 3 key learning’s from each of the 6 sessions I attended…


Look at CPE based advertising on Twitter. E.g. RT, click, favourite, etc. Prices start at around 30p per engagement.

40% of people who use Twitter simply lurk. A massive 60% engage (YouTube are happy with 1% upload levels which is still pretty impressive)

I recommend adding Twitter handles and rel=author tags on your site to build up your expert persona and improve more personal engagement

Increasing Site Engagement

The Like Button plugin when added to the SimplyBe homepage X 3 fold the number of likes SimplyBe was achieving when compared to the old linking to Facebook homepage tactic

Investigate the ‘Paradox of Choice’ e.g. are really stripping the site back and creating less choice that in turn draws you in.

To increase Site Engagement the three key tenants of your strategy should be:

1/ REALLY understand your business/ product

2/ REALLY understand your customer e.g. e.g. analytics, site monitoring tools, site engagement/ feedback tools and then couple with site personas and offline insight)

3/ THEN, and only then, pick the content + experience + technology to match the first two points (oh and always design for mobile first and extend out to the web experience thereafter)

Analytics 2.0

Become Goal focused. Do not browse data; rather truly analyse it, draw actions from the analysis and then, god forbid, actually action the actions

Focus on DUMB business objectives (Doable. Understandable. Manageable. Beneficial)

One night stands, Marriage and Divorce. We often think too much in marketing about one night stands (direct ROI) instead of Marriage (LTV and Cross Selling). The unfortunate next phenomenon at present we are using data for is Divorce (post Penguin Google is trying to divorce web links from sites and take companies to the link cleaners whilst companies are trying to divorce themselves from poor quality links)

Location – Fitting it in to the Marketing Mix

88% of local information seekers on mobile take action within 1 day. Much shorter than the usual path to conversion on desktop.

Tie your Google + and Google Places account together and optimise them with the author tag to improve page impact and CTR

Location based optimisation of site links is now available in Webmaster Tools. E.g. you can get super relevant SEO Site Links for local searches if you are willing to put the time in to optimisation

The Psychology of Search and Social

Bas Van Den Beld is a dude. Period. I have seen him present a couple of times before however his future watching, thoughts, case studies intertwined with his personal experiences and affable delivery have improved immeasurably and are now up there with true industry uber experts.

‘Among the most basic of needs is the need to connect’. Why Google created Google+ and specifically their circles of specific interconnections and exactly the tenant you need to play on to improve your Social SEO capabilities

Everyone targets ‘clients’ and ‘potential clients’.  Start targeting ‘Talkers’ (a similar point made in the next presentation from Dixon Jones of targeting ‘connectors’).

Creating Efficient Search Campaigns

Ripples in Google+ is a cool way of visualising social ripple effect

Gamification ideas such as shows you can utilise Gamification methodology for your SEO activities even with boring topics/ product areas.

The whole ‘not specified’ keyword tracking issue has spooked the SEO industry of tracking keyword performance. The advice was to move to a methodology of tracking KPI’s to an entry page level rather than to a keyword level. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Yes it does and it’s also good advice if the situation gets worse.