biker mouse

The future of motion control….. is the mouse

By Paul Morris

Watch the video above and be amazed. Be truly amazed at something (the Leap) that will be released in Q4 2012 (not in 2020) and retails for only $69.99.
It’s much more accurate than Microsoft Kinect, is tiny, can discern all 10 of your fingers individually and turns the 8-cubic feet of air in front of you/ it into “3D interaction space”.
Whilst I love the thought of this product it will not live up to the hype. Your hands will hurt within minutes. It will not offer the same precision as the humble mouse for prolonged periods of usage. You will look like an idiot when controlling it in an office environment. It will need an additional controlling device for certain activities such as gaming.
It will inevitably be used for simple fun games like on the Wii and for porn.
Great idea though.
Long live the mouse.