By Paul Morris

I attended SASCON today and was glad I did (Thanks Mediacom for the ticket)

Here goes with my SASCON 2014 summary of the day:

Cindy krum mobile moxie – Mobile and big data
Mobile (phone, tablet, glasses, wearables/sensors) will eclipse desktop search by 2020 (like 10 – 1 eclipse). Mainly around the number of devices people will have that are classed as ‘mobile’.

Cindy is a big fan of:

*Seemless cross device experiences.
*What the Cloud can enable in peoples lives.
*Collecting ALL data as at some point you could use that big data to improve your marketing campaigns + its so cheap to store in the cloud. Personal note: I’m not convinced on this point.

Great big data resources:

UK open data institute
EU open data initiatives
The open knowledge foundation = way of obtaining data sets
Factual = compiles data sets
Data market (data auctions based out of Iceland)
Apiogee = makes your data available in an api
Hadoop = big data processing system
Cassandra = built on hadoop to maximise the system

Data analyst / scientist job needs + wages are going through the roof.

SEO vs pr vs blogger – Fight
Judith lewis, deCabbitt consultancy

An excellent session. I cannot post about the best insight as she made us promise not to (I’m not joking).

The one thing I can mention = Developing genuine relationships with bloggers is key to getting great quality content surfaced and then syndicated.

Its not all about Google

Barry Adams – polemic digital  
The world wide web is becoming the restricted Google shaped web. I.e what Google wants the web to be as we need to please Google for rankings/traffic/sales.

Google is taking peoples data and sticking it in their own serps. It puts people out of business/robs them of revenue.

After the session I had a great chat with Barry about cat faeces and the ebola virus.

Nichola stott – mediaflow 

Yandex islands  are ‘interesting’ and I wonder if these rich snippets on steroids is the way Google is moving

Wolfram alpha Facebook plugin = amazingly interesting.
Wolfram widgets = cool

Irish wonder

Live confirmation that black hat techniques still 100% work.

My Q: What is the classic/best used black hat technique to get you to number 1? A: Dropped aged domains then redirecting them.

Sascon goes to Iceland
(as in the frozen food retailer)

Know your personality/have one. Iceland certainly do (in a good way)

Iceland are definitely taking social media seriously.They do ppc. They do some display. They do no SEO (yet and they know they have to develop in this area).

They have noticed uplift to sales after Facebook promotions of certain products.

They will be transactional in the future after recent successful ecommerce trials.
Local and mobile – a match made in heaven

70% of consumers now welcome mobile ads.

Google  – Gilli Goodman

Consumers spend 15 + hours on mobile research each week

Mobile research starts with search

16th December 2014 is forecast to be the day when mobile searches overtake desktop searches for most categories

Mobile research heavily influences purchase decision – but tracking this for most clients is still super difficult

Dan sodergren – justaxi 

Geo location to local to hyper local was basically the theme.

The future of radio is being showcased by a super recent ITunes development = locally targeted adverts within the year.

Great slides to download showcasing best in class mobile marketing case studies

Apadmi – Matt hunt

Ibeacons from Apple are the future of hyper hyper targeted ads/communication. Though the tip is not to get carried away for technologies sake. You need to be solving a real customer need and utilising them with other technology e.g. WiFi.

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