The best unknown Search app in the world…. Ever!

By Paul Morris

Yes this article sounds like the title of those naff compilation albums that end up with far too many songs from the likes of Westlife, Rihanna and Natasha Bedingfield however I believe this time we are not overselling the product.


Google has developed a great Google Maps for Android app recently. It has over 10,000 indoor maps (mainly museums) and I just think it’s a great idea and follows on from an equally innovative Mall Maps initiative from Bing last year.


For me it opens up the possibility of many other companies such as department stores, zoos, hospitals, airports, theme parks, etc using Google’s Beta add your own tool to open up Search even further into the real world.


Now all Google need to do is open them up to the browser and iOS (which, to be fair, if they have any sense, they will not do as this could be a great mini USP for Android) and get some decent UK coverage underway.