Google, almost, Rocks


I’m not unknown to abuse Google over their SERP structure however I was just looking to subscribe to ESPN and searched on Google using a basic search of ‘ESPN’ and was impressed with what I saw.

Out popped the above and it gave me much of what I was hoping to see:

• Social engagement via Google+

• Recent blog and twitter activity

• Lead Generation/ Communication ad extension usage (and with my email address pre populated due to me being logged in hence the potential for a much higher conversion rate)

• Useful site links

• Links to relevant, yet different, destination sites

And all above the fold = Nice.

…Though if I’m being picky I would add in features such as:

• ESPN reviews

• HTML 5 TV listings and live scores integrated within the SERPS

• tabbed organic site links so you can dig deep in to your area of interest e.g. UFC, Baseball, Basketball, Football, etc.

• Facebook integration (oh wait, damn, Bing has that and Google cannot get it)

• Semantic search (in this case it’s a difficult one hence I’m being a tad picky)


I was further impressed by what I saw on the 1st day of the Olympics by the structure and formatting of Google SERPS (below) however they still come out 2nd best on the medal rostrum to Yahoo after some research from Search Engine Land.

google serps