mr messy full integration

the evolution of mr messy

mr messy v1

mr messy 2resized

mr messy 3resized

My Mr Messy logo is going through a transformation.

Essentially the Mr Messy’s show differing detail of the complex conversion funnel that exists today. i.e. consumers bounce around channels several times before making a purchase. The process is messy hence the graphic representation.

As detailed in several of my posts e.g. social search transformation, SEM is no longer about¬† PPC and SEO; rather it’s about the interplay and influence all channels have on one another.

I’ve currently settled on the V2 online header (as it’s easier to display and track than V3) however V3 (bottom) much better represents the entire online and offline customer journey (how to integrate online and offline is tackled in my how to integrate search and social and offline marketing post).