The Internet of Things

By Paul Morris

The buzz phrase of 2012 was ‘BIG Data’. The buzz phrase of 2013 has got to be ‘the internet of things’.

I’ve seen a few posts in this area now and just wanted to throw in my two pennies (I live in the UK not the US of A) worth…

What an amazing ‘thing’ Sir Tim Berners-Lee created with the internet. Without boring you in this post about all the benefits that the internet brings go to my The New Digital Age Book Review and be bored there.

…So the internet is amazing. And it’s getting even more amazing by becoming ‘the internet of things’. This ‘simply’ boils down to the fact that many items can now, or will, be connected to the internet by being able to send and receive data.

So with billions of objects now being connected to the internet it’s no wonder BIG data had to gain some traction first as we now have A LOT of data to digest, analyse and utilise.

For me this is utterly amazing and the internet will continue to enrich our society beyond even my wildest (examples) dreams:

systems (water, electricity, gas, etc) can self diagnose problems and send requests for parts/ to be fixed

Sensors that are imbedded in everyday items e.g. toothbrush, bathroom scales or even nappies can track activity and offer charts or advice on improvements (or when to change!)

Sensors could be imbedded in your garden, plants or agricultural systems that notify you when it is time to irrigate, weed, kill bugs, fertilise or harvest thus adding double digit % to the yield we could receive from our agricultural systems

devices, similar to the Nike Fuelband, can not only monitor simple things such as steps taken, max heart rate reached, etc but also (if perhaps combined with swallow-able sensor pills) help to monitor health conditions and make recommendations of remedial improvements or action

And finally in sport we could embed chips into oars, bikes, balls, bows, swords, fishing rods, racquets, skis, etc to then analyse performance and offer advice on improvements


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