@Google 2013 Manchester event

Note 1: Image was made by moi at the event (and printed on a canvas bag no less) to showcase my Google Android Robot virtual self

Note 2: A big thanks to Mediacom for the invite

By Paul Morris

I attended the @Google 2013 Manchester event a few hours ago and wanted to document my experiences whilst it is fresh hence here goes….

AMAZING and what an event! I have attended several Google events this year (and this is my 4th year attending @Google Manchester events) and this one was great for several key insights that I will now share:


Mark Howe, Managing Director, Agencies

Connectivity Creates

The Consumer is in control and badgering and disrupting is not the done thing! You need to engage, aid, inspire and make life easier for them if you want to keep them.

You have 5 seconds, authored by Trevor Beattie, has it about right i.e. you have 5 seconds to engage and deliver before the customer goes elsewhere

Google are trying to make advertisers lives less complicated with Google, as an example, promoting the Stack approach to tech dev (discussed in my Google London event from a few weeks ago)

The Burberry kisses campaign was a really good use of digital and virility


David Liversidge

Understanding customer journeys

Google is clearly trying to help us figure out/ measure cross channel and cross device and with their various ROPO studies + cross device data showcasing conversions across devices (that is live for all clients by Q4 2013) they are absolutely empowering marketers with the ability to do this


Thomas Wuoti , CEO


This session blew my mind!

Thomas’ company is essentially tying in offline activities with real time analytics

Dumbing his proposition down Walkbase allows you to identify and track wlan enabled phones around the store

Thomas highlighted this by showcasing how BMW in a prestigious London store have tracked people in store e.g. foot fall, repeat visitors, first time in store, bounce of customers, how customers are moving around the store, etc.

Example uses: Understand if the person is a repeat or new visitor and notify the sales rep so they can approach/ sell to them differently, benchmark stores against one another and apply high performing stores WOW to other stores, measure the power of in store marketing, a/b test in store marketing campaigns , set up real time alerts for continuous optimisation,  etc


Martijn Bertisen, Senior Google industry head for retail

Export for growth

Google.com/trends = a great way to understand global demand for terms (comma separate against others to benchmark)

Consumerbarometer.com = An amazing graphing solution for more detail on markets e.g. who has bought online in a certain market

Google auto language translation = Best showcased by using the example of Beautybay.com and how they have incorporated Google’s tool for pretty accurate super easy site translation on the fly

http://translate.google.com/globalmarketfinder/index.html = One I hadn’t seen before that is a good way of showcasing areas such as different languages spoken within countries, search volume, average CPC’s, etc


Phil Miles, Director of Google media buying solutions

How to use audience signals to revolutionise advertising

One thing that stuck in my mind from this session; that of never showing (within reason of course however he was making a point) exactly the same PPC ad to the same person twice


David Benson, Director YouTube sales and strategy

Building better brands

Key: Find the right people. Tell great stories. Build stronger relationships.


Anthony Damianos, Squared at Google  

The talent revolution

Interesting/ makes complete sense that Google is really starting to push on and help brands find and develop great talent


Dan Cobley, MD Google UK

Our mobile world

An excellent speaker who absolutely showcased that mobile is the future and mobile is amazing!

Conversational search was showcased (see my Google Ireland post for details)  

Google are moving to Command Assist Suggest e.g. ‘remind me to buy milk when I get to Tesco’ and funnily enough your phone does exactly that when you get near the local Tesco

The on stage Google Glass demo was amazing however I did find it annoying that to activate certain commands you need to tap the spectacles frame hence resulting in it looking like you have a nervous twitch


Shane Cassells , online conversion expert

Better data, better decisions for mobile

An excellent session (for details see the similar session he presented at the Google Ireland event I attended)

…A great fresh point he made though was that of Merchandising by device. E.g. promote products that are highly likely to convert on a mobile to mobile users and then use the same principle for those on a tablet or desktop i.e. dynamic promotional merchandising by context (this could be a further development of their relationship with AppsBroker that I showcased in the Enterprise Search event I attended in London


Ben hunt Davis

Performance coach + author

Making your boat go faster

A brilliant ex Olympic Gold medal rower who has 3 guiding principles:

1/ Focus on what’s important

2/ Focus on performance in order to get results

3/ Work effectively with others to achieve goals

He absolutely made sense when he said you need to evolve + innovate to make your boat go faster

Today is going to be a good day because I’m going to make it a good day

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