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The start of Mobile Banner Advertising

By Paul Morris
Google has finally (2 years after purchase) integrated AdMob into Adwords.

Now clearly the title to this article is utter tosh as mobile banner advertising has been around for years however with this integration I see mobile advertising now truly about to take off. ‘About to take off?’ I hear the voices in my head shouting. Yes the other voices in my head reply.

Despite mobile being the cool kid on the block since 2005 (if I hear one more digital dude tell me it’s the year of mobile I’m smashing him in the face with my Nokia Mobira Talkman) the spend on mobile media has been disproportionate to the 15-20% traffic market share it commands for most brands.

Adwords is a recognised, easy to use platform and with management of digital media in one interface this development will ensure more marketing cash finds its way to mobile ads.

Numbers like 350 million mobile devices, 300,000 mobile apps, and reaching 2 million websites are not to be sniffed at.