Will 2015 be the Year of Cross Device

Will 2015 be the Year of Cross Device?

I’m quite looking forward to seeing if 2015 will be the Year Cross Device truly kicks in or if it will be the false dawn that saw us predicting the Year of Mobile for circa 7 years!

With technologies such as Atlas from Facebook, Google UID ongoing development, Drawbridge and Twitter perhaps moving into this space by using its purchase of mobile RTB exchange MoPub could we finally see  true attribution & personalisation across device?

I think much will depend on whether we start to truly leverage 1st party data stored in CRM (customer relationship management systems) and EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouses aka leveraging Big Data) systems and then couple them with intelligent personalised cross device advertising.

I personally cannot see us cracking tracking across the internet of things (smart watches / glasses / wearables, connected TV’s, consoles, tablets, computers, mobiles, etc) during 2015 however surely cross device personalisation, tracking and attribution across the key 3 (mobile, desktop/laptops and tablets) should be common place next year?!

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