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Anti SEO

I’ve been communicating with a guy who runs an SEO agency in the States who believes in “Anti SEO” and thought it worthy of commentary as anti SEO really intrigued me when I first heard of it.

Donnie’s anti SEO proposition is summed up in his Parkinson’s Law of SEO and in his tweet to me was described as focusing on “links from business development activities instead of focusing on impressing Google”.

And I broadly (though I disagree with his “getting links that send leads” comment and would change it to something like “getting links from sites that generate engaged eyeballs/ clicks” & he omits to detail the wider benefit of relevant links to targeted keyword rankings however I digress) agree with his ethos.

…However I just wish it was a tad more positive, not used as a part marketing gimmick and not so aggro against the exact “Search Engine Optimisation” definition.

Essentially the anti seo sentiment is very similar to the more well known Link Bait/ Social SEO approach though takes into account more of the features from my SSS post.

All in all a very interesting concept and whilst I do not agree wholeheartedly with it I’m grateful for the education from Donnie.

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