Take hold of the future

By Paul Morris
I was honored to attend a presentation by Dr Patrick Dixon earlier today; futurologist extraordinaire.

I was aware of his zany delivery (I used to work with his son and have sat through 2 of his talks before) and he did not disappoint with his bags of enthusiasm and insight into what is to come.

Key nuggets for me (and to be honest they are intended as notes for me rather than for you the reader):

Life is too short doing things you do not believe in.

Always put the customer first.

We are a Century and a half young and can seize the future for our members.

Have more than 1 strategy as those with 1 strategy often end up as toast.

The future is about emotion.

…And the creation of retail theater could be key.

Save time for people on the web or lose them.

Patrick basically paraphrased my SSS SEO post on the future of Google.

People rarely believe marketers and a smart advert does not fix your core issues.

…It’s often about social engagement and emotional trust

Patrick talked of the importance of the online/ offline interplay e.g. ROPO, Showrooming and ROMPOD

Focus on the use of BIG data in your marketing campaigns and dealing with your current customers e.g. the phone call to your gas provider complaining of a large bill (that looks up the phone number, interrogates the possible problem and puts the person through to the most likely department thus short cutting the painful automated system and getting the right person to deal with the issue)

…Though do not scare people with the use of hyper personalised advertising utilising big data if you do not already have their trust as otherwise you might just freak them out

Mental (1/3 payments made) adoption of M Pesa in Kenya

If you cannot do it yourself then look to leapfrog with digital partnerships

Build a better world!

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